It has been another tough week for fishing on the Forgotten Coast, several inch's of rain, scorching temps and humidity that you can wear has been the order of the week. So with few reports of positive fishing let me share with you my day of surf fishing at St Joe Beach. I was on the water about 8AM (late) and got everything set up. It was looking like the wife and I were staying the week on the beach from pier cart to umbrella and chairs and sand spikes. Yep you could have mistaken us for tourists except I have the coolest pier cart in St Joe. After setting up the bar and cutting bait and rigging it was time to fish. As the hours passed and no fish were taken I soon realized that supper would be bought and not grilled or fried. It was a beautiful hot day with gentle waves, sea birds, turtles popping up for air, Dolphins running, Mullet jumping. With rods in the spikes we floated and waded and stayed cool in the water and under the umbrella with a beverage. My point here is simple. Even the worst day of catching fish can be  a wonderful relaxing experience that is full of wonder and beauty and we live in a area that is bursting with wonder and beauty. Until next week, Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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