We have to talk about Scalloping again this week and give you an update on the feed back we have gotten. It was a tremendous opening week  with many folks and boats in town to harvest our little jewels. Limits abounded and the meat this year has been large and plump in most cases. I heard someone state that if you could fall off a boat you'd find some scallops. I don't know if it's that easy but they are plentiful. Lets recap on limits, per person is 2 gallons whole in shell or one pint of cleaned meat. If you have multiple people on a boat you may harvest 10 gallons whole in the shell or one half gallon of cleaned meat. A Florida salt water fishing license is required of anyone harvesting Scallops.  If you need gear for your Scallop outing please visit us at Bluewater Outriggers for all your needs. We'll even give you some pointers if your a first time Scalloper. As always we stress care for our sensitive bay and grass flats so that we may have healthy Scalloping for many years to come. Until next week, Happy Fishing and Scalloping !
Bobby Scarbrough

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