The redfish and trout are big and plenty of them. Soft plastics that imitate shrimp under a popping cork with a 14 inch leader are the most effective baits, even over live baits. Live alewives and pinfish will work but you battle the sharks and catfish to the point they become annoying. Artificial baits cut that out for the most part and makes fishing much more enjoyable.   Flounder are still biting and a soft plastic paddle tail with an 1/8 oz head works the best. I prefer chartreuse jig heads    The incoming tide has been the best and the higher tides allows you to access places where the the reds hide out that you normally couldn’t get to. Joe Mizereck recently caught this 42" Bull Red, safely returned to fight another day.
Until next week, Happy Fishing!
Bobby Scarbrough
Joe's Big Red
Fishing report

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