Good fishing was happening on the Forgotten Coast this last week with good Trout bite and Redfish as well. I would say based on reports that the Canal was the real hot spot this week. Plenty of slot Trout in the 17 to 19 inch range were being taken. On the flip side there were tons of under slot Trout being caught, so if your a catch and release kind of angler it was your week. Redfish bite was pretty good, however slot fish were elusive. Flounder continued to be pretty strong in St. Joe Bay and the Canal as well. Our bait of choice this week was D.O.A. paddle butt shad in the natural color with orange tail. Jig head color was your choice as we caught fish on varying head colors. Also the Betts Billy Bay halo shad produced well. One thing we really liked about this bait was it held together really well and caught several fish before starting to show wear and needed changing.  We were also hearing the Whiting bite continues good and some scattered reports of Pompano along the beaches. It sounds like peeled shrimp were the ticket for beach bait this week. Until next week, Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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