This last week produced some very nice Redfish and most were caught within the Canal area and out along the Windmark Beach area as well. Early fishing and using soft baits such as D.O.A. Shad and Salt Water Assassin Shad are producing fish. In order to catch the larger slot and Bull Reds you must fish hard and often. This means a constant fishing of casting and retrieving and vary your retrieval method. Start with popping corks and work them hard, if not producing drop your bait in the water column or go to the bottom and use for the most part a slow jigging retrieval and again VARY your retrieval. Unless you are rigged for weedless, work your bait parallel to the grassy areas.  Other soft baits that are producing are the Zman Shrimp's and the Vudu Shrimp's.  The beauty of all  the above baits are that Trout and Flounder are as likely to take them as the Red's. Fall Trout bite is going to heat up shortly so stay after them. Until next week, Happy Fishing ! 
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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