We'll I've been asked why I have not been posting fishing updates. Here we go, between storms, bad weather, high seas, and then we went into Scalloping season. Fishing at times becomes difficult during scallop season due to the number of boats and people in the water. We sometimes say "you gotta sneak up on a fish". That being said there has been some good activity as of late and I'll post a picture of one of our staff members catch following this. Red Fish has been good at the Highland view bridge, a 38 inch bull was caught there just this last week using shrimp. Tarpon have been everywhere the last couple weeks and we've heard of several hook ups. One gentleman from out of town showed me pictures of a tarpon he hooked on the beach and had several photos of the fish air borne. He was one stoked fellow. This Tarpon took cut mullet. These are the photos you love to see and lets face it, people fish for years for Tarpon and never get one. His was by chance. I'll do my best to get you some info weekly going forward, hang in there. And until next week.

Happy Fishing !!

Bobby Scarbrough

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