We had another great week of Spanish Mackerel and Sheepshead this last week. I hope you had a chance to get out on the water and enjoy. Let me lay it out for you. It appears that we have retrained our Sheeps around these parts because live shrimp seems to be the new favorite bait rather than crabs. So if you've gotten to your local bait shop a little late in the morning and not found any live shrimp this is the reason. Bluewater has tried our best to keep a good supply of live shrimp but anglers they go fast on a daily basis so get in early. Now the Mackerel are still being taken on  Clark Spoons and Gotcha Plugs in silver. I know there are many request for the "Coho Killer" and we had a few at Bluewater and they sold out twice. We have them on order so please check back with us for this Mackerel lure.
Clark Spoon
The big Bluewater Tent sale is just a few weeks away April 6-7 so save up your spare change and mad money anglers and come on out and  find some great deals and just some plain old good fun with your fellow anglers. We the staff are just excited as everyone and can't wait.
Until next week, HappyFishing !  
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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