Tent Sale
As we have hoped fishing in all areas around the Forgotten Coast continue to improve from the Beaches out to Apalachicola. St Joe Bay is yielding more Trout and Sheepshead but the Redfish have slowed a little. Red's are still there and being caught it just appears to have slowed some. Some Flounder continue to show good progress. On the flip side it may slow again due to these cold fronts that are moving in. We keep waiting for and looking for Pompano to show up in greater numbers along the beaches and the Spanish Mackerel have yet to show.  Our baits of choice this week are Vudu "Magic" and ZMan Laguna Shrimp 4" size and of course live Shrimp are working for all species. Another note here and reminder the 12th annual Bluewater Outriggers Tent Sale will be held April 4th, 5th and 6th this year so we are having an extra day to enjoy the bargains. Make plans to join us. Until next week, Happy Fishing ! 
Bobby Scarbrough

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