Ok folks I admit it, I've been hiding out. There has been little to nothing to report due to the severe tides, cold weather, rain and other Mother Nature items beyond our control. We are going to see a change soon with warmer weather and I assure you the fishing will pick up. I have talked to a few die hards and they have reported catching some Black Drum and some Sheepshead up in the canal. The bait used was live shrimp and ironically shrimp have been even hard to come by with the tides and winds as they have been. I've had a few scattered reports of Whiting along the beach out at the Cape and that is about it. Even seasoned anglers that work here at Bluewater have been singing the blues with a full day on the water and taking 3 trout and all of them short of slot.  Hang in there anglers it'll turn soon and we'll see a vast improvement. I promise I'll keep you posted even if the news is bad. Until next week Happy Fishing ! 
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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