trigger fish

Wow what a turn around for fishing on the Forgotten Coast, we had some monster bull Red's taken out at St. Joe beach near the concrete tower and then some nice Red's also taken up in the Canal.  So Redfish has turned on and the bait of choice is live shrimp just flat lined with a large split shot about 2 or 3 feet above your bait.
Now let me take what room I have left here to pass on some great news to all anglers in our area. Trigger Fish will open on March 1 in State and Federal Waters!  We could not be happier about the news but before you jump up and down here is the bad news. The bag limit is only ONE fish per angler per day and a 15 inch fork length. This has changed from 2 fish per day and 14 inch. fork length. But hey we'll take it for some nice Triggers.  
If you need further information regarding Trigger Fish contact
Until next week, Happy Fishing !  
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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