As we move into October things should start to really heat up with fishing around the Forgotten Coast. Fall Pompano are starting to show up, they are still few but they are here and we've been hearing of some nice fish being taken on the beaches. Sand fleas are a choice bait for Pompano and are easily caught in the surf line using a sand flea rake. Also the Fishbites Sand Flea flavor is a good choice for Pompano.  There are many Pompano Jigs on the market and many work well. Also we expect Trout bite to really start to turn on here in the next couple months. They will start to move up in the canal and the creeks and rivers and make for some great fishing. All of your standard baits for Trout will continue to work as normal. All the above mentioned baits and sand flea rakes are available at Bluewater Outriggers. Come see us for all your fishing needs. Until next week, Happy Fishing ! 
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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