Hi Folks,
Fishing remains hot just like the weather of late. Trout and Flounder have been good in St Joe Bay the last couple weeks and the water has really warmed up and with little rain the last couple weeks, water clarity is beautiful.
Get on the water early with this heat and work hard for your fish as the day warms they will go to deeper water. Live shrimp, and soft baits are still producing good Trout. If you can throw a cast net, small Pin Fish are really taking some nice Trout if your looking for a Gator Trout. Just remember only one Trout over 20 inch can be kept of your total of 5 bag limit. As a reminder recreational Snapper season kicks in on June 11th so gear up and get ready. We think it's going to be an awesome season.
Until next week, Happy Fishing !

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