This time of year fishing just gets so exciting and there is plenty to be excited about!  Trout have really been hot the last couple of weeks, along with the weather. The bite has been strong using Pinfish, Shrimp and several different brands of soft baits. If your going to use top water baits use them early and once the sun is up good put them in box and go deeper in the water or in some case jig off the bottom. Triple tail is still very active out in the Indian Pass area flat lining live shrimp. We've gotten several good reports of multiple fish in one area but many are under size.
Everyone is talking about the up coming Snapper season and we are excited about that as well. I want to throw this out for Captain Bill Little of the Fishing Express. After the loss of his old boat the new boat is almost ready to go so keep an eye out for him to hit the water for Snapper out of the St Joe Marina. We at Bluewater Outriggers encourage you to support your local Captains as we all try to come back strong.
Until next week, Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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