Port St. Joe Fishing Report 7-10-2024

Port St. Joe Fishing Report 7-10-2024

OFFSHORE: The Mahi bite is doing well with most of them coming off of Island lures in pink and white or blue and white rigged with ballyhoo . Look for birds and weed lines as well as floating debris. The Mangrove Snapper have been great around structure used 10 to 12 pound fluorocarbon leader with circle hooks and live bait such as Pilchards.              

INSHORE: Despite the temperatures running in the upper 80s fish are still being caught. There has been a lot of grass on the surface around Blacks island making top water, nearly impossible. Live Pinfish would be a better choice for that morning bite. Tarpon have been good in front of Windmark Beach. Dead sticking Mullet or live blue crap should do the trick. Captain Lee Thompson of Shallow Seas Charter had another banner week with Trout and Redfish.

FRESHWATER: In spite of the warm weather catfish and bluegill have not slowed down. Look for those 20+ foot depth for catfish on the outside bends of the river. Shrimp and dip baits such as Catfish Charlie's work well. Look for bluegill along the  the outside bends as well. Worms and crickets are your go to baits.              

Closing : We just received the new Fish gum, If you haven't tried this stuff, it's amazing. Fish gum is the only cut bait that combines real and synthetic extracts. Fish it under a cork or tip a jig with it if you're running the bay in pre-Dawn hours keep an eye out for kayak and Wade fisherman until next week. Don't forget those lifejackets and lanyards.

Tom Gannaway - BlueWater Outriggers

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