This past week has proved to be good for anglers around the Forgotten Coast areas. Reports of Trout and Redfish have been much better with the slowed rains and water
clarity is improving. From Mexico Beach to the Canal and out to Cape San Blas fishing reports have been much better if not good. A combo of baits seem to be working well from live Shrimp to Vudu plastics and Salt Water Assassin soft baits. We have a new bait that is really starting to show promise and that is the ZMAN EZ Shrimp. Bluewater Outriggers is currently carrying several varieties of this bait and will soon carry the full line of EZ Shrimp. So drop in and pick up a few and give them a shot. They are pre-weighted and have Mustad Ultrapoint hooks and are ready to fish. Until next week, Happy Fishing!
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers

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