Scallop season kicked off today August 16th and it really has kicked into gear. We hear the city ramp was jammed with folks trying to get on the water. Let's cover a few basics here since we get so many questions at Bluewater regarding the regs. You must have a valid Florida saltwater fishing license to harvest. You may possess up to two gallons in shell per person or one pint of meat per person OR you may possess up to 10 gallons in shell per vessel or one half gallon of meat per vessel. It is required to have a diver down flag displayed while your party is in the water harvesting. For further info and regulations please visit Bluewater outriggers carries everything you need for your scalloping adventure from snorkel gear to collection bags and everything in between. Please exercise extra caution on the water during this busy time of year.
Until Next week. Happy Fishing and Scalloping !
Bobby Scarbrough

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