Hi Folks,
The stormy weather of past week has slowed down fishing along the Forgotten Coast but when anglers are able to get out the fishing is still great, especially Trout fishing. We have seen more large Speckled Trout this season than we have in quite a few years and this is coming from plenty of old timers in these parts.
 Some of the best baits in the last several weeks has been live Elwy's and small Pin Fish for the larger Trout. Yes, I know both of these baits are hard to come by unless you have a cast net or Pin Fish trap. Good alternate baits are the old stand by's and they are catching fish. Gulp shrimp, Vudo shrimp, ZMan, D.O.A shrimp all are good choices. All of these baits are available at Bluewater Outriggers and if you have questions about rigging our staff will be happy to "hook" you up.
Until next week. Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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