As we move to the middle of July we are still struggling with brackish waters just about everywhere along the Forgotten Coast. So again we've had a week of slower fishing in these parts. Perfect example is a good friend of mine who can catch fish in the bath tub only boated two small trout on an all day outing. So anglers it's tough out there right now. If your after Trout and Redfish continue to us soft plastics with lighter colors and even sparkle colors to pick up the suns rays in the dark water. Also live shrimp or bull minnows worked on the bottom will usually produce but slow.  Flounder is still one of the better bites right now so again we are on the bottom with our bait and a slow retrieve. Clear waters are sure to return soon so stay after it. Send me your photos to share. Until next week, Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers
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