The Unforgettable Coast has been slow to warm up this spring and we've been fighting the wind it seems for over a month. Even with the cool and the wind the fishing continues to be pretty good. Pompano are really hot right now along the
beaches in Mexico Beach down to St. Joe Beach and you should be on the water early and late in the evening as the best bites seem to be during these times right now. As normal Pomp jigs, live or frozen Sand Fleas and Fishbites are producing fish. Several 
Folks I know the last few days have gotten their limit on Pomp's in a short period of time in the early A.M.. Let's move into St Joe Bay now and talk about Flounder, they are really picking up and if you fish the pot holes in the bay and use minnows, live shrimp or a grub soft bait you should be in business. Drag your bait in these holes with a slow retrieve and be ready for some fun.
The waters along the beaches and St Joe Bay have been stunning the last week so try and get out and enjoy our beautiful waters and beaches. And if you need supplies for fishing or the beach, Bluewater Outriggers has you covered for all your needs. Until next week, Happy Fishing ! 
Bobby Scarbrough

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