Spanish Mackerel and Sheepshead continued to be the talk of the week and Pompano are now close behind. Mackerel bite continues good on Clarkspoon Mackerel trees slow trolled between the sand bars along Windmark Beach all the way out to Mexico Beach.
 Sheepshead are still present around the markers and buoys. If you have wreck or reef numbers Sheeps are still present as well. Live shrimp is your go to for the Sheeps and remember to use a small heavy wire circle hook for these guys.
 Pompano continue to increase in numbers along the beaches but after the last couple days of ruff surf they may slow due to the churned up murky 
water. Be patient the water should clear quickly once the wind lays down. Redfish bite is fair out on St. Joe bay and fish are taking everything from Live shrimp to Pin fish and soft baits. Work those flats and deep holes hard for Redfish.
 The weather has been slow to warm up and the wind to calm but this should turn around in the near future and we look forward to a great spring and summer of fishing.
Until next week Happy Fishing ! 
Bobby Scarbrough

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