Forgotten Coast anglers another sure sign summer is fast approaching. Spanish Mackerel are now being caught in St Joe Bay and some are very nice in size. Trolling with any number of Mackerel rigs can produce fish and produce well, our favorite is the Clarkspoon Tree Rigs. Also Got-Cha plugs have been a favorite for years. And do not fear land locked anglers, these same rigs work very well from sea walls and docks and shore fishing. From shore the Clarkspoon is rigged with a 3/8 to 1 once bass casting weight for good casting distance. Then do a fast retrieval and hold on tight. Mackerel are schooling fish and are very fast and aggressive when feeding and it is not uncommon at all to catch 2, 3, or even 4 fish at one time on the Mackerel Trees. We have a great selection of Mackerel tackle at Bluewater Outriggers, so come get yours ! Until next week. Happy Fishing !

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