Another decent week of fishing in our area. There have been plenty of  Redfish, however not to many in the slot but it has been very
active. Black Drum and Sheepshead continues to be pretty good as well. Most fish are being taken with either live shrimp or fresh shrimp. I have alot of people ask me what do I mean when I say fresh shrimp. Well fresh is exactly what it means, as a rule myself and my friends we go to the Piggly Wiggly and buy the smallest eating shrimp they have, so a pound or a half pound and you got plenty of bait. Let me tell you most fish we like to catch they don't care he's not hopping. A quick note on Speckled Trout. They opened back up today as of this writing which is March 1st. Remember anglers the bag limit has changed. It is now 3 fish and slot is 15 to19 inches. The only time you can keep one over 19 is fishing from a vessel with multiple anglers and you can still only keep ONE over 19. Until next week.
Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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