Fishing Report 2-27-2019
Well anglers we are happy to report this week that the bite has improved in several areas and there ARE places other than the Highland View Bridge to catch fish. However bite continues to be good in that location for Red Fish and Black Drum.
The general consensus is fish the bridge very early from just before sun up till about 9 AM and then it's pretty much over.
We are getting some positive reports of fishing the bomb holes in the bay around Black's Island and Flounder have started to showing up. A good bait of choice here is the ZMan Scented PaddlerZ in the Laguna Shrimp.
Some nice Sheepshead have been taken around the concrete markers in the bay.
I want to remind everyone Bluewater Outriggers WILL have our annual tent sale the first weekend of April. So mark you calender's and keep it in mind. Until next week, Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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