As the waters cool the fishing continues to heat up. Speckled Trout fishing has been hot in most areas around the Forgotten Coast and fish continue to move up into the rivers and canals. We are getting reports of fish being taken in St. Joe Bay around the Black's Island area. Various baits are working well from live shrimp to Paddle Tail Shad in several product lines. D.O.A., ZMan, Saltwater Assassin are all catching fish. We have gotten some reports of Redfish bite still holding pretty strong along the beaches and especially out at Indian Pass. I want to end this week with one of those "fish stories" but this is a true one and will interest many anglers. A gentlemen in BlueWater Outriggers was quizzing the staff on a fish he had caught but could not identify. Turns out he had caught a 24 inch Snook in St. Joe Bay. It is rare to see a Snook this far North but that's the beauty of nature and fishing, you never know what's out there. If you have a rare catch or just an interesting fish you can't I.D. bring us a picture, we love to see them and sort out what you have. Hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and until next time. Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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