FWC Scallop Map
The wait is almost over folks, Scallop season opens for St Joe Bay on July 25th and will run until September 10th this year and we are very excited about the extended days. We wanted to give you the info. you needed here this week so folks are clear on the dates and the bag limits. The per person per day bag limit this year is 2 gallons whole (in shell) or 1 pint of meat. The vessel per day limit is 10 gallons whole (in shell)  or 1/2 gallon of meat. Bluewater Outriggers has all of your Scalloping needs from snorkel gear to collection bags, nets, gloves and everything in between. We even have 2 gallon buckets made just for us so that you know when you have your per person limit ! When your bucket is full your done ! Also a handy tip to use if your cleaning while collecting a normal water bottle (16 oz.) is one pint. So if you fill a clean water bottle with meat your done for the day.  Make sure and drop in for all your needs for a fun day on the bay collecting yummy Scallops.  By the way, make sure you have a valid fishing license in order to collect Scallops, it is required by FWC.
Until next week Happy Fishing and Scalloping !
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers
Office 850-229-1100

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