Spanish Mackerel have finally showed up in abundance in St Joe Bay. Fishing from the sea wall at the marina use Gotcha Plugs, we prefer the Silver body over the others. Head color is not as important as the Silver body. Cast far and retrieve quickly. Spanish will hit these hard as they are very aggressive fish and of course tend to run in schools.
Make sure you have several plugs on hand as they will tend often times to bite through your line when multiple fish attack your plug. Also, Clarkspoon Tree rigs work great. You can cast them or troll off the boat with these with equal success. On the boat a relatively slow troll with at least two rigs off the stern is best practice. These tree rigs can be used from shore and from sea walls with good results. Use Bass casting weights of about 3/8oz for a good long cast and then a fairly aggressive retrieval.  Be ready as it is common to hook in to multiple fish on your tree rig at the same time, then let the fun begin ! Until next week. Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough
Fishing report

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