Port St. Joe Fishing Report 6-2-24
Port St. Joe Fishing Report

OFFSHORE: Fishing this week has been great! Snapper season kicks off this weekend, live or cut bait is what you need to fill that cooler. King Mackerel are being caught on live cigar minnows in 80-100 feet over live bottom. Beeliners are still plentiful. Amber Jack season closes June 1.                                

INSHORE: When the water temps heat up in the afternoon try fishing a little deeper. Throw 4 inch diesel minnow into that cooler water. In the morning, try top waters over the grass beds in 2 to 3 feet. Also, the old reliable popping cork still works with a shrimp. Capt Pete Barwick of Bounty Bay Charters had another great week with Flounder, Snapper, Trout, and Trigger Fish.        

FRESHWATER: Flathead are being caught on live bluegill. Shellcracker and Bluegill are still being caught using crickets and worms for bait. Beetle spins are alternative, for some fun break out the fly rod and fish that Willowfly hatch.     Until next week, don't forget to wear those lifejackets and hook those lanyards up.

Tom Gannaway - BlueWater Outriggers

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