I wanted to start this week with a big thanks to you for all your comments and compliments when you visit BlueWater Outriggers. It is very flattering when you the customer tell me how you enjoy the report and that it gives you direction when you come to visit our area and even our locals that enjoy the report. It is my pleasure to provide the information and pointers that we try to give you very week. Thank you dear readers and customers for your support. But at the end of the day it is you the reader and customers that filter the information to me and the rest of the staff. I wish I had more time on the water than I do,  but we love to visit you in the store and hear your stories and see your pictures and pass our knowledge on to you. Our staff has over 100 years of fishing experience within the store in just about every avenue of fishing, from inshore to off shore to fresh water and fly fishing. So you the customer can feel confident you are getting good information and the right gear. If we don't have the answer we'll get it.
Thanks again for your support and until next week,
Happy Fishing !  
 Bobby Scarbrough

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