We are back in tuff times fishing in our area but there have been a few bright spots. The last several days the marina wall has been good if not at times very good. There has been some pretty nice Reds taken and one reported 33 inches. Trout bite was off and on. Best bait has been live shrimp again off the wall. People often ask me if dead shrimp will catch fish as in when they die in your bait box. The short answer is "yes". Fresh shrimp will produce good results on most occasions. Whiting has been reported fare along the beaches with peeled shrimp and fish bites producing the best action.

Please let us know how your fishing is going and we always love your photos as well. You can reach out to me at bscarbrough@bluewateroutriggers.com. You never know you may see yourself on our facebook page.

Until next week. Happy Fishing!

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