As we continue to deal with what's left of a steamy July we are moving into the start of a hot August. That being said we stress over and over, hit the water early and then late in the evening. If your going out late in the morning to fish you need to be on the deep channels or deep holes to produce fish. Fish the edges of these channels and holes adjacent to grass areas that drop off. Use lives baits such as Pinfish, Shrimp or Finger Mullet. Let your baits do most of the work with a slow retrieval. A boat captain friend of mine was just telling me a few days ago they had a great day with Trout but they were in over 15 feet deep. Last but not least try and fish the tides, coming in or going out. This is pushing the cooler water around and will help with encouraging the fish to bite. If your fishing from the beach or pier you should also fish early and late and on the moving tides.
Until next week, Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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