We have had a lot of rain and storms the last couple weeks and this has made fishing a little difficult having to outrun the storms or being run off the beach while trying to fish. Never the less fishing has been good on the Forgotten Coast.  Flats fishing has not been bad but you have to be on the water very early and hit it hard with live shrimp or soft plastics. Trout and Redfish are being taken and plenty of slot fish out there. Flounder has been real good since spring and we've seen some nice fish. Our favorite bait is Bull Minnows but white or cream colored grubs will take fish as well.  Off shore Snapper continues to be great with many very nice fish showing up. With only a couple weeks left for Snapper get out there anglers and make it happen. Keep in mind though that next month we'll move in to Scallop season if everything stays as it is the season will open August 17th and run till September 30th.
Bobby Scarbrough

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