Let's talk beach fishing this week. One of the most popular activities for visitors and locals alike is great day on the beautiful beaches of the Forgotten Coast and throwing a line out. Unlike boat or Kayak fishing anyone can enjoy this great pass time.
You can gear up with your beach fishing needs at BlueWater Outriggers because we have everything to get you going. It doesn't matter if your 5 or 85 we can set you up for a great day of catching fish on the beach. Come visit us and talk to one of our professional staff to get your goods. We live here and we fish here so we know what you need. Don't worry about that feared statement "I've never fished on the beach before" we'll take good care of you. Then when you come back in you can tell us how you did and how much fun you had fishing our beaches. We have all manner of tackle from light  gear to heavy sharking outfits, from tackle boxes to sand spikes and all in between, we have the goods. So when your ready to hit the beach come see us, you'll be glad you did. Send us photos to share of your catch or just enjoying the great outdoors. Until next week Happy Beach Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough
Bluewater Outriggers
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