As we prepare to move into March the weather has already gotten spring warm and the fish are responding. Sheep Head continue to move in and there are some nice fish around the bay markers and Mexico Beach Pier, we had gotten reports also of them moving through the mouth of the canal at Highland View Bridge. Trout continue to move in that area also and we had several reports of Silver/Sand trout moving in and out of the canal as well. All the above have been taken on live baits and the two Trout species are being taken on soft baits as well. We just got a report yesterday that some folks were catching Spanish on the sea wall at St Joe Marina so the weather is really pushing fish in early this year. We are waiting (and fishing for) Pompano and we think they'll be showing early also. Come see us at BlueWater Outriggers for all your fishing needs and look for our up coming sales that'll save you some money. Until next week, Happy Fishing !

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