black Drum
  After the weather continues to be up and down, fishing at the old St Joe Marina sea wall has proven to be very good. Plenty of reports of some nice Black Drum being taken and several Pompano as well. I was even able to enjoy some fabulous smoked fish dip that was created from those Black Drum. Live shrimp has been best choice off the wall for the Drum and Pomp's. There have also been some Trout taken at the wall. And speaking for Trout please all anglers have a look at the new FWC bag and size limit for Trout in our area. A partial look is as follows. Bag limit is now 3 fish instead of 5 fish. Slot size is now 15 to 19 inches instead of 15 to 20 inches. Also as of February 1st Trout season will be closed in our area for the month of February. Again please consult FWC wed site or the new printed saltwater fishing regulation book, all the above will be effective February 1st 2020.
Bobby Scarbrough

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