The weather has been unbeatable lately along the Forgotten Coast and we had that short blast of cold air that has helped to keep the Trout active up in the Canal and Rivers. Vudu Shrimp and Salt Water Assassin baits are still a good bet for your bait of choice looking for Trout. We are still getting some good reports of nice Redfish being taken in different areas so as we've discussed before don't be surprised while gunning for Trout you wind up with a nice Red as a bonus. We are getting more and more reports of Whiting along the beaches from Mexico Beach out to Indian Pass and Salinas Park area and from the Stump Hole out to St. Joe State Park. Work fresh shrimp and Fishbites for the whiting and if you can dig up some Sand Fleas they are always a good bet. Don't forget anglers, Bluewater Outriggers has everything for your outdoor adventure, come see us ! Until next week, Happy Fishing !

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