Snapper season has concluded and all indications are it has been fantastic. We should get numbers shortly from the bean counters and we'll have more information at that time. Let's talk about some inshore fishing this week. Man has it been hot and we keep saying over and over, get on the water early if you want to catch fish. Not 9AM but at daybreak, if your sleeping in, your missing fish. If you do fish later you'll want to fish the deeper holes and channels as the fish like humans are trying to stay cool. Also fish late in the evening about 2 hours this side of sun down. A very good method as of late has been to use live Pin Fish flat lined near or over some of the drop offs to deeper water, Trout and Redfish will readily hit this method. Just use several feet of leader with a split shot at the top and just your live Pin Fish hooked through the lips. Gently cast him out and let the bait do all the work.  Live Pin Fish are generally not available at your local bait shops in this area so you'll have to cast net them or us a Sabiki rig to bait up. Until next week Happy Fishing !
Bobby Scarbrough

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